Colleen T. 39, Allen TX
In my first 3 weeks I dropped 10 lbs (reaching the lowest weight I'd been since college) and really noticed a difference in my clothes. With hard work and my trainer's help, I've completely changed my life.  

Jason A. 35, Plano Tx
I needed to lose weight and gain upper body strength because I was 3 months away from having knee surgery. Adam had a real challenge because due to my bad knee, I couldn't do any form of cardio. As an additional challenge, I was completely new to exercise and nutrition. Even with all that, I was amazed to witness a steady weight loss of about 2 pounds every week. At the same time, I was obviously gaining endurance and strength in my upper body.  I'd recommend Adam for anyone serious about shaping up.
Paul N. 49, Allen TX
After working out on my own for a year, I felt stronger and healthier but had not lost any body fat. But after just 8 weeks with my trainer, I had dropped 15 lbs of fat while keeping my strength gains. Everyone at my work was inspired to shape up as well.
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There is no such thing as "typical results". Everyone's results will differ. 
Laurilyn T. 42, Allen TX
Since I began working with Adam I've lost 23 pounds in about 10 weeks.  It's been hard work but he has kept me on track both mentally and physically. I want to continue losing and with Adam's help, I know I can do it.
Sharron L. 62, Allen TX
Despite my bad knees, in my first 5 weeks I lost 11 lbs. Now I'm wearing pants I'd forgotten about. I've enjoyed the challenge of exercise and the foods have been surprisingly easy for me to stick to. My Dr. will finally have to shut up about me exercising and losing weight.
 Ron R. 36, Allen TX
My goal was not necessarily to lose weight, but rather become more fit overall. And thanks to Adam, I've lost nearly 20 lbs of body fat and increased my strength a ton. Adam's been great at working around my busy schedule and making sure my workouts are always high quality. 
David K. 43, Allen TX
I was once a certified personal trainer myself, so I know a good trainer from a bad one. And thanks to Adam, my shoulders are broader, arms are bigger and at the same time I've lost about 7 lbs of body fat. If it weren't for him, I don't know how consistent I'd be with my exercising, and I definitely wouldn't push myself like I need to.
 Balakrishna M. 37, Allen TX
A nearly fatal car wreck and multiple surgeries left my entire body brittle and out of balance. Adam has showed me how to exercise safely and in 11 weeks, I've lost 18 lbs and nearly doubled my bench press.
Jim G. 42, Allen TX
Adam's helped me lose 30+ pounds on the scale, shave 5 minutes off my 5K run and now I'm actually seeing definition in my abs. He's the man.
Jim L. 54, Allen TX
Having a trainer hold me accountable each week was exactly what I needed to get me on the right track with both food and exercise. Making better food choices and exercising regularly, I've lost 15 pounds.
 Rob H. 49, Allen TX
I had just one month to prepare for a hiking trip across the mountains of New Mexico. There is no doubt that without Adam's help I would not have completed that hike. I was so impressed with my results that I continued training with Adam after my return and my wife signed up to workout with him as well
 Stuart D. 59, Lucas TX
Adam showed my wife and I how to exercise at home and make smarter food choices.  So far we've each lost over 10 pounds, while increasing our strength, endurance and general health. I can't say enough good things about how Adam has helped us.
 Tony E. 50, Allen TX
I contacted Adam because I had just 3 weeks to shape up for a first date. Adam wrote down exactly how I needed to eat and showed me how to exercise. When the three weeks were over, I'd lost 3 notches in my belt and really developed my arms and shoulders. I was completely amazed. Even my teenage daughter noticed the changes, and that's saying a lot.
Susan A. 54, Allen
I just bought size 6 shorts today, down from a size 14. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are the best!
 Ethan T. 21, Plano
After a few weeks of following my trainer's advice, I noticed my clothes fitting differently. When I took my measurements, I was shocked to see I'd lost 1.5 inches off my neck alone! I've lost countless more inches and 38+ pounds. 
 Ruth W. 59, Allen
My trainer's tough love kept me on track and in the first 6 weeks I lost 10 lbs. 
Ruta A. 35, Allen
I can now fit into jeans I couldn't wear 4 weeks ago.  
Congratulations to all of the people below. They have all worked hard and are examples of how consistent exercise and better nutrition can make you a healthier person.
Lose inches
Lose inches
 Ed K. 70, Plano
I am now off all medications! No blood pressure or blood sugar issues anymore.  
Denise R. 42, Allen
Over the last 8 weeks, I've followed your advice for losing inches as best I could, and so far I'm down 17 pounds
Mark A. 55, Allen  
Mark has lost 30 pounds so far. Keep it up Mark!
Jennifer W. 47, Allen  
Jennifer is down 22 pounds and still going strong. What's more impressive, is that she puts up with a trainer at 5am. Go Jennifer. 
Lauren P. 20, Allen  
Lauren plays volleyball in college and came home for the summer. She went back 20 pounds leaner and a meaner.
Adam B. 26, Plano
Adam lost more than 65 pounds for his college graduation. Way to go Adam! 
Real Success through 2018
Kevin F. 40, McKinney
"I've been following the principals you showed me last year and I've now lost over 100 lbs. I really appreciate your help and guidance."
Rick Cromer, Allen
"I want to add a special thank you to you for helping me change my life.  When I started with you, I was taking medicine for High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.  My doctor was also considering putting me on a cholesterol medication.  I’m not taking any medications now and my blood pressure is typically 115/75, resting heart rate at 68, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels are normal.  When I started your class I believe that I weighted 222 lbs, and after 8 weeks on your program I had dropped to 208. With your continuing support, I weighed in today at 183 lbs."
Glenna and Anthony, Parker 
Glenna and Anthony finally made a commitment to healthier eating and being more active.  And in a few months, they have lost nearly 40 pounds. Keep it up you two.
Debbie M, Allen
"I'm so happy I found my trainer!   He helped me established a routine that works wonders for me.  I dropped three dress sizes in 12 weeks!  I was so amazed!  Thank you!"
D'or N, Allen
After recovering from a nasty car wreck, D'or found herself over stressed and out of shape. But she commited to a wholistic new life including healthy eating and moderate exercise. And now she's down 30 pounds and looks great.
Phil B, Allen
Phil finally started making smarter food choices and being more active and so far he's down 22 pounds!
Mike C, Allen
For months I was going to the gym and just getting on the bike. The first thing I learned from my trainer was how to be effective with my time in the gym. I'm now exercising alot smarter and my belt keeps getting looser.

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