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Lose inches
Lose inches
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1-on-1 Personal Training
I develop a custom fitness program for your specific situation and personally coach you through each exercise. We will meet at regular, reoccurring times each week to hold you accountable to a regular exercise routine. Nutrition coaching included if necessary.
    1-on-1 Pricing
    10 1-Hour Sessions $550 (Circuit 31 Members)
    10 1-Hour Sessions $750 (Non Circuit 31 Members)

Group Circuit Workouts
I run classes at Circuit 31 Fitness in west Allen. There are 10 exercise stations, and each station is about 3 minutes. There are no appointments and no class times. You simply show up and start at the first station.
    Group Circuit Pricing
    There are multiple membership options for Circuit 31 Fitness. Contact Circuit 31 Fitness at for a detailed pricing information.

    We sit down and discuss your entire situation. We'll review your goals, exercise history, injuries, preference, nutrition....everything. Also a chance for me to answer your questions. We'll then discuss my vision for your routine going forward. 
    Consultation Pricing
    A 1-Hour consult is $50